Hi there! My name is Chelsea and I am so glad you have come to visit my blog. I recently began this blog for two reasons, (1) a therapeutic release of all my thoughts associated with battling multiple autoimmune diseases and (2) bringing the knowledge I have learned through years of research and lived experience to those who may need it.

I am a 2nd grade teacher, a wife, a mother, and social justice advocate. I love traveling, specifically the part of traveling that involves experience new and different foods! For years I struggled, wondering why I continued to suffer a plethora of symptoms for two diseases my doctors said were “under control.” What I learned is doctors aren’t (generally) there to walk you through your autoimmune journey, and that it’s up to you to create a care plan that includes your doctors, but possibly other individuals as well (family, friends, a naturopath, a good fitness instructor, etc.) It wasn’t until drawing this conclusion and creating the necessary support circle that I found true healing to begin. Autoimmune health is so much more than physical healing, it involves mental and emotional healing as well.

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis at 9 years old and Celiac Disease at 20 years old. I struggled for years with these diseases and how to navigate health and wellness within them. Through trial and error I developed a medical care team between an amazingly attentive Nurse Practitioner, super thorough and knowledgeable Endocrinologist, a dedicated Gastroenterologist, and an incredible Naturopath.

Come join me on this journey of health & wellness and allow me to help you build this circle as well. Allow me to take some of the daunting challenges of autoimmune life off of your hands and provide guidance on how to proceed on your walk towards autoimmune wellness.

A Desert Christmas with my sweet (and wild) toddler.

Cadiz, Spain with a tiny baby Wes in my belly.

Honeymooning in Paris, stopping to take in the Eiffel Tower after an exciting day of The World Cup

Marching in my hometown for the Women’s March 2017

Marching to the Phoenix capitol. Fund Education.


New to the blog? Questions about navigating life with Celiac and/or Hashimotos? Send me an e-mail and let’s chat.


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